Diversity @ Allianz

The Diversity journey in ACIS tracks back to 2005 when the Harmony Team was first set up to nurture and cherishes a conducive work culture in ACIS for persons of both genders to work together.

Diversity @ ACIS

A Diversity forum was set up in 2009 to capitalise on the impact diverse teams can bring on improving business performance. This has been revamped in 2011. Diversity Forum at ACIS is powered by HR with nominees from business divisions across ACIS.

Diversity at ACIS has 3 focus areas :

  • Gender inclusivity - 40% of our employees at entry level are women and we have 14% women in Senior management roles.

  • Working with the differently abled - 1% of our employees fall in this category.

  • Geographical diversity - 3 countries and 14 states of India are represented at ACIS (Data as on Dec 31 2011)

Highlights of the journey so far

  • 2009 - NASSCOM : Corporate Awards for Excellence in Gender Inclusivity 2009 | Nomination for - Best Company with fewer than 1000 employees.

  • 2011 - Global Women Leadership India Awards : Two women Leaders won awards - Sindhuja Varma (Leading woman in HR ) and Sowmya Murthy(Leading woman in KPO /BPO /LPO )

  • 2012 : Sreelakshmi J J of ACIS emerged as the Winner in the Quality category in the eWIT (Empowering Women in IT) Excellence Awards.

Way forward: 2012 and beyond

The theme for 2012 and beyond is Collaboration and Teamwork to develop diversity roadmaps at Divisional level. The forum conducted brain storming sessions and focus groups to generate some of the ideas which have gone into the plans 2012 and beyond.

Quick wins for 2012

Sensitisation programs / Awareness campaigns - tie up with NISH.
Networking with external organisations for strategic partnerships - Allianz partners with senior women professionals from other companies in Technopark to set up a Core group for the Trivandrum Chapter of eWIT.