Employee Stories

Faisal Khan - Senior Software Engineer

Faisal Khan

"Having gained 4 years of industry experience with Capgemini and thereafter completing my Masters in Business Administration, I was looking to further my career in BFSI domain. I aspired to be in an organization where my career can take wings. It was in the spring of 2012 that ‘opportunity’ and its ‘seeker’ met on the roads of business and technology.

Lo and behold! A call from ‘ALLIANZ’ - the largest insurer in UK! Following the call, the manner in which the HR Recruitment set the stage for the process was different and unique - systematic, clear, transparent and professional. Enough to guess that it’s a CMMi level 5 company. Here, I was seated nearly 1800 Kms away from the supposed office location - Trivandrum but the interview rounds conducted one after another were just as smooth as it could be. Process with technology can work wonders! Definitely, one of the best interview experiences I had so far. Thus, formed the alliance between me and ALLIANZ. The breath taking panoramic view of the surroundings from office only added to my delight.

ALLIANZ has plenty of things to offer. With experts present from every field to drive the growth, you can expect an upward parabolic trajectory of your learnings. One just needs to have the passion for it. My learning at Allianz have stretched in all spheres - domainwise, business and technology. Do what you love and you’ll never have to work for a day again. So surely with Allianz you can manifest anything and everything that you have.

Ofcourse, if there’s work then fun is not far behind! Associates extend their persona outside their workspace by their association with different clubs - Music, Charity, Cultural, Books et al. Events organized by Team FUNtastic always bring in freshness and rejuvenation amongst us. Cultural events organized by cultural committee add to the hue and flavour of life at ALLIANZ.

All in all, a place where every individual gets enough opportunities to carry out what one wants to. In short, a great ‘alliance’ with Allianz. Does all of this make ACIS - A Great Place to Work. For me, it does. How about you?"