Employee Stories

Sajeev Samuel - Senior Manager, Accounts and Finance

Sajeev Samuel

I was on the lookout for a job change for almost a year after I came back from UK. Although I received some offers earlier, I did not move as I was not impressed with the companies that offered me the job. When I received an offer from Allianz, I checked about the company and got a very good feedback about the company's culture and also came to know that ACIS was the place to work.

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession with a graduate degree in Commerce. I have around 7 years of post qualification experience in companies like Outsource Partners International and IBS Software Services. I have pre-qualification experience working with both Chartered Accountants and other organisations.

I was very impressed with the organisation’s culture and the varied activities that are organised by the different divisions in ACIS. The employee participation and their energy levels is also something I found interesting. The company considers employee engagement as a very important part for employee retention. Allianz is a great place to work. I would recommend Allianz to any of my friends and colleagues as "THE PLACE TO WORK." The culture and ethos of the company is something I would share to the external world.