Recruitment FAQ

Recruitment FAQ

1. How do I apply for a job in Allianz?

If you are interested in working at ACIS please visit the career section of our website. Identify a suitable position and apply online by submitting your CV/resume. We will send you an acknowledging e-mail when we have received your information. If your application meets our requirement, we will invite you for an interview.

2. I would like to speak to someone about my application.

There is enough information on our website. If you still have a question you can contact a member of the HR recruitment team @ 0471-6613555 between 9.30 IST - 18.30 IST Monday to Friday.

3. I am a candidate with disability. Can you accommodate my needs during the application and assessment process?

We are committed to bring in diversity to our talent pool. We will do what ever we can to help you to attend the interview and assessment in a smooth way. Please indicate any specific requirements in the application form or contact HR on the number above if you require any specific help.

4. Will I be informed if my application is unsuccessful?

Yes. We will keep you informed about the status of your application.

5. I have been unsuccessful can I re-apply?

Yes you can. This should be after six months of your initial application.

6. What are your minimum academic requirements? If I don’t meet them, can I still apply?

Most of our positions require graduation and above. In very exceptional circumstances, we accept applications from people who don’t meet our academic requirements. This will be administrated on a case to case basis.

7. If I get selected what are the documents that I should produce?

You need to provide original certificates for your relevant qualification / work experience and your passport or equivalent.

8. I have an important question which is not there in this FAQ. Can I contact the HR team directly?

Yes. If you can’t find an answer to one of your important question you can mail us at

9. How will I continue to grow as a professional at Allianz?

We have a committed Learning and Development team to cater for your requirement. The in-house training programs will speed up your progress towards your career goals.