10 Reasons to Work at ACIS

If you are looking for a rewarding career, you will be happy to know that we ensure that we invest in our personnel and you will have the opportunity to develop you professional skills and ability here at ACIS.

Ten Reasons to work with ACIS

1. Allianz - a Fortune 100 company

ACIS is a part of Allianz SE which is a leading international insurance and financial service provider in the world. Allianz is a Fortune 100 company and is amongst the world’s largest corporations based on revenue (with a turnover of over 100 billion Euros). The AD&M - UK division (Application development & Maintenance) is assessed at SEI CMMi Level 5 and BP operations is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

2. Build a career that is stable and secure

Join a stable and reliable company with over 123 years of history and consistent leadership in financial services. Our focus is to cultivate a winning team. As the company grows, opportunities for personal and professional growth are encouraged and developed.

3. We Celebrate work

We celebrate and recognize our employee’s contributions through performance bonuses, rewards and regardless of what they’re working on.

4. People at ACIS

Our employees are friendly, motivated, and highly skilled team players. You will experience a positive corporate culture where every employee makes a difference. Our people display high energy and their drive to follow their passion to achieve their dreams is remarkable.

5. Get Involved

ACIS goes the extra mile to organize charity events. We have been actively involved in helping the underprivileged, orphans and the differently abled people in our society. We also contribute to environmental friendly projects in the city.

6. Unleash Your Potential

We offer in-house training and development programs to support your career goals and help you grow within the organisation and enhance your strengths to follow your career development path. With a commitment to learning, we believe in giving you the opportunity to develop and expand your skill sets and branch into new areas.

7. Collaborative and Creative

We believe in teamwork and we recognize everyone has an equally important role to play in our success. You will have opportunities to engage with others throughout the company, allowing you to exchange ideas, learn from others and leverage their skills to accomplish a task. Virtual teams are vital and helps in achieving common goals.

8. We embrace Diversity

We have a diverse workforce that reflects our commitment to workplace equity and we promote inclusiveness. We have a healthy gender ratio and have nearly 1% differently-abled personnel in our work-force.

9. Get Tangible Benefits

We provide medical insurance and life insurance coverage for our employees. We also provide transport to office and back.

10. We act with Integrity

We operate with some of the highest ethical standards and compliance programs in the industry. We create sustainable businesses and are proud to be one ourselves.