Team Wellness - at ACIS We CARE

Wellness @ ACIS
Wellness @ ACIS is powered by HR with support from Business. Reaching out to employees, Team wellness has worked to generate awareness and interest towards healthier life styles through themes like :

1. Eat right

  • Fruit Friday - seasonal fruits sponsored by the company made available in the pantries for employees.
  • Wellness fruit baskets distributed to employees at Induction.
  • Encouraging vendors to supply healthy snacks in the pantry.

2. Stay fit

  • Training regarding basics of self defence is facilitated.
  • No lift day - encouraging all employees to use stairs and not lifts on that particular day; with lucky dip prizes sponsored by a leading gym in the city.
  • Seminar on Earth therapy and one to one consultation with experts to create awareness.

3. Regular check ups / Meet the Doctor

  • Doctor on Board for weekly consultation.
  • Regular visits by physiotherapist.

2012 saw the Wellness team run a survey to capture voice of customer before planning activities for the year. The 400 plus responses indicate that this is an initiative with which employees have ‘engaged’!

Wellness is a HR initiative for employee welfare.