ACIS Hands of Hope

The Charity Committee at ACIS was formed in January 2005 based on the general employee feedback they expressed in an engagement survey, about the interest for Corporate Social Responsibility. The committee was christened ‘Hands of Hope’ the same year. The committee is a 15 member team, with one sponsor from the ACIS leadership team.

The vision and objective of the committee is to raise funds and provide services for various charities and charitable purposes, thus providing opportunity for social responsibility among the ACIS employees.

The CSR strategy is to spread the benefits generated to as many beneficiaries as possible along with keeping a very few as long standing partners of choice.

The above objective is achieved by :

  • Giving various teams in ACIS a chance to organise fund raising events based on the prescribed guidelines of ‘Hands of Hope’.
  • Identifying a charity theme for every year which the staff recommends, by conducting a survey among the staffs.
  • Find out beneficiaries (NGOs who have their activities aligned to the chosen theme of the year) for funds or services, based on a set of criteria set out by ‘Hands of Hope’.
  • Giving opportunity for staff to volunteer while delivering the funds or services.
  • Matching equal contribution of funds from the Organisation/Management side.