Business Process

Allianz BP operations in India provide talent, efficiency and superior customer service to Allianz, thus enabling them to scale faster and easier.

As a cohesive unit, BP at ACIS supports various functions of Allianz UK operations and Group Operating Entities. ACIS BP caters to call centre & back office functions like Outbound telemarketing, Inbound contact centres, Specialist services (AH Claims Handling eg.Vets), End to end transactional services, Underwriting, also key support functions like Personal assistance services MIS, and Design.

BP Processes follow the process-grouping methodology that helps in best practice sharing across various processes, increase customer satisfaction and also offers resilience to the business.

Our staff are recruited and trained to be insurance specialists with specific Sales, Voice and Data skill sets. In addition to this, the BP operations also offer high value knowledge services in the areas of Policy Underwriting, Veterinary Claims and Graphic Design that support a more technically-oriented environment. BP Operations, with a highly educated and talented strong workforce, is committed to the top-line growth of Allianz, driven by the singular commitment towards complete customer delight.